Our Core Team

Teamwork is the key to success.

Teamwork is the key to success. With a good team, a firm can expect huge returns while the opposite will spell doom. Therefore, we at CoderCrafts Inc have a team which is a perfect mixture for success. Our team has people from all fields and backgrounds and they bring the best of all services to one single platform. With us, you can be assured of guaranteed success and that is what has helped us become one of the most famous Web Development Company USA within 3 years of our inception.

The Team at CoderCrafts Inc

We have different teams delegated for different jobs around the firm. Our core development team is the backbone of the firm who does all the web development and ecommerce development tasks. The design team is another important part of the firm which takes care of all the graphics related tasks. All the teams present at CoderCrafts Inc are:

Core Development Team

This team comprises of the team members who are a part of the core development team. They are behind all our website development and are the ones who have helped us become a leading Web Application Development and Web Development Company USA.

Graphics Team

This team comprises of the creative minds who are behind all logo, graphics and web designing services USA. They do all the design work while our core team joins the design along with the core platform which results in a well-defined and professional looking website. They’re also in-charge of all the redesigning activities and projects taken up by CoderCrafts Inc

Content Team

This team comprises of SEO experts and writers who provide our clients with the best website content for their sites. This team is responsible for organic marketing and SEO of the websites developed by us. They provide 100% unique website content for all projects undertaken by us and we are proud to claim that we are the providers of the most affordable website content in the entire United States.

Marketing Team

Our marketing team comprises of people who take care of the sales and marketing strategy followed by our firm. They’re behind all the creatives used by our firm for their promotions and are well versed with the marketing strategies of IT services firms. They’re the reason that we have become a name as a Web Designing Company USA.

Support Staff

Our support staff is responsible for handling all customer grievances and correspondence. They’re the lifeline of CoderCrafts Inc and are the first point fo contact when you contact CoderCrafts Inc. Our support team consists of people who are well versed with customer handling and take care of all the needs of the clients. Moreover, they act as the official point of contact for all our current and future clients and are a major reason behind our success.

Now that you know what our teams do, come and join the most rapidly growing IT startup in the US and watch as we strive to bring your online business to the top with our wonderful planning and hardworking team.

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