Our Quality Policy

Quality is the key to any business Quality is the key to any business. A business cannot expect to make it big without great quality. The quality of the service or the products provided are the foremost parameters of judging a company and we, at CoderCrafts Inc , understand it fully. Therefore, our quality policy is stringent and is based purely on customer values as for us, customer is first, always and forever. Our CoderCrafts Inc is always on providing top quality work to our clients so that they have no complaints. A perfect project is the wherein all the needs of our clients are fulfilled. All our work is original, is cross checked and beta tested to locate bugs and is optimized to provide the best coverage to the clients. We provide web development, web design, web redesigning, website maintenance and affordable logo design services in USA and are known for our top quality work at a reasonable price.

Guaranteed Benefits As A CoderCrafts Inc Client

As you contact CoderCrafts Inc for your web development and redesigning needs, you’re entitled to some benefits which you enjoy throughout the course of the project as our esteemed clients. We have listed down the guaranteed benefits that all our clients have irrespective of the package chosen by them.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 customer support to all our clients throughout their projects. We are one of the few providers of web development services USA who offer such comprehensive service to their clients. With CoderCrafts Inc, you can be sure of prompt replies to any query that you have. Moreover, the support team will constantly keep you updated with the project progress and you will never have to worry about missing anything important about your project. Such robust customer support has helped us in becoming a well-known company in the realm of website maintenance in USA.

30-day free Maintenance

All our clients get a 30-day free website maintenance on the completion of their project. This feature is to make sure that the client is 100% satisfied before we submit all rights to them. Moreover, they get a taste of our affordable website maintenance services and if they want, they can continue our website handling and maintenance services even after the period of 30 days at a highly discounted price. We are the providers of the most affordable web maintenance services and being a CoderCrafts Inc client, you’re guaranteed full maintenance at the best price.

Logo and Letterhead

CoderCrafts Inc is not only a web developer but also a provider of Logo Design Services in USA. With our team of design experts, we offer letterhead and company logo designs to our clients who opt for website development services. These services are given free of cost to the client in addition to the added benefits which cross about $500 of free services per client. Domain name is also provided by us for free for a duration of 12 months while we provide web hosting services for our clients for a span of 6 months. All these services are completely devoid of any charge and our clients can enjoy affordable IT services on the completion of their free period.

Affordable Cost

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Client Satisfaction

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24/7 Support

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